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Top 5 Lan games

LAN games are probably the best way to brawl in utmost secrecy while the teacher takes the prolonged class. All one need is a laptop, a wifi, and a few game enthusiasts to play with. Considering its college, wifi isn’t a problem as most of the institutions take the liberty of providing free wifi to its students. Although the internet connectivity gets slower and slower as more peers connect, but the router makes an excellent platform to play versus via LAN.

I too was very excited when I saw a bunch of my classmates play CS:GO on their high end laptops at the back of my class. I decided to take them head-on, as I love games as much as anyone. But, the sad reality waited to prowl when I fired up the game. I was making 23 FPS in medium settings whilst the others were clearly over 60 with max settings! Many tried but failed to get the darn game run at a reasonable quality.

Hence, my quest for an all weather, all PC, fully compatible LAN game began, and I returned victorious as the quest yielded 3 excellent games that can run on most builds having RAM as a low as 2GB. Hence, why not share the happiness with everyone eh?

These are the 3 LAN games that require low-medium config to run at a decent FPS:-

Requisite Build:

  • 2GB DDR2 RAM
  • Dual Core CPU
  • Integrated Graphics (Graphic card would be joke if I did mention “low” config)


The game was released over 12 Years ago, yet the strategy involved in playing the game is Mind boggling. You play via CO-OP mode and take suspects down, rescue hostages, snipe your way out, breach doors and pave the way for a perfect mission. The Graphics are still noteworthy and the games runs like a charm on a basic build or a laptop. The Story mode or the campaign provides an excellent game play as well.

4Need For Speed Underground 2 (2004)

The NFS U2 remains a personal favorite when I first played it in my 4th grade. The story mode is long and very engrossing, The cars are as good as it gets, the soundtracks are probably the best I have seen in a game and the LAN play is invigorating as ever. The mods available to a car, the tweaks and the number of things at your disposal makes NFS U2 the best Car racing LAN game ever in my opinion.
The graphics are superb even in today’s time, there is no police to give you a bad trip in the middle of a race and both the career mode and the LAN is an excellent choice to play.

3Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (2008)

Vegas 2 sounds like a name one can laugh on, but once you play the game, there is no going back from it. The story mode is compelling but the best part is the array of LAN play at your disposal. One can choose between a death match, attack and defend and other formats via LAN. If the versus doesn’t suit you, then gear up with your friends to play CO-OP in both story mode and Terrorist hunt!, not to mention many maps to choose from and the wide variety of weapons from SMG’s to Assault Rifles and even LMG’s at your disposal. The graphics are sweet as it gets and the game runs easily on a medium build.
The best part: Ever since I introduced the Rainbow Six Vegas 2 in my class, nobody plays CS:GO anymore, and more and more people pool in to play the Vegas 2.
Although the online multiplayer isn’t as live as CS’s but the LAN will certainly make your day.

2Need for Speed Most Wanted(2005)

The sound of the evergreen BMW M3 roaring and whizzing past the cop’s cars until Sargent Cross pulls up in his corvette still gives me a chill down the spine when the introductory video plays. The game is simply mesmerizing when it comes to mods, cars and game play. The whole idea feels real, from the characters to the cars they own. Even the mods have real life brand names to look into. The career mode is probably the best ever in the NFS series and the LAN play racks up an impressive game play as well.
Despite the particle blur, high res textures and anti aliasing, I still remember running the game in 2006 on my PC which had 512 MB of RAM!

1Counter Strike 1.4/1.6/Condition Zero (1999-2004)

Things tend to get a bit pale when one talks about the LAN games but not talk about the CS Series. If CS:GO doesn’t work, then the other variants (prior to the introduction of the source engine by Valve) will certainly work. With realistic maps, weapons and an ability to run on almost every laptop these days, the CS Trilogy of 1.4, 1.6 and Condition zero also boasts of its impressive player tally not to mention. One is bound to learn real reflex upon stacking of night hours in the game and still ready (or not) for class in the morning. The best part, its LAN compatible and it’s simply phenomenal to play whilst keeping the graphics aside.

Image result for counter strike 1.6

Honorable Mentions

  • Quake
  • Age of Empires
  • Rise of Nations

Isn’t Life awesome with LAN around?



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