Wednesday, August 22, 2018

AMD vs Intel-The Fight Of Middleweights Rather Than The Heavyweights

One can find thousands of articles on how awesome the i9 is and how explosive is the Ryzen 9, but what about the 'affordable'-do it all category? That is something we use in our...
PC Build Under 60000

PC Build (Assembled) Under 60000 INR For Hardcore Gamers And 3D Designers

Why Assembled PC? Most of the folks upon reading the tagline will come up with a very simple question, "Why go through the hassle of getting a PC assembled when you can either: Get an...

iPhone X. Important Features You Must Know

All New iPhone X Apple has launched the latest installment of its smartphones on September 12th 2017, at the Steve Jobs Theater in the new Apple Park campus. The three new models apple rolled out are...

Sandisk Ultra 400GB UHS-I. World’s Highest Capacity microSD Card

Sandisk released the world's highest capacity microSD card, Sandisk Ultra 400GB UHS-I. It's quite unbelievable to imagine 400GB on our fingertips and shows how far we have come in terms of digital storage in...

Google Wi-Fi Launched In Singapore and Hong Kong. First Time In Asia

Google has finally brought its much awaited Google Wi-Fi to Asia. At present, it is only available in Singapore and Hong Kong. The three pack wifi bundle is exclusively available with Singapore's local telecom...

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