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Apple has launched the latest installment of its smartphones on September 12th 2017, at the Steve Jobs Theater in the new Apple Park campus. The three new models apple rolled out are iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and its new flagship, iPhone X (apple pronounces it as 10 and not alphabetical X). Here, we will be looking at the in-depth details of the new iPhone X, which according to apple is going to revolutionize the next decade.

iPhone X
Source: Apple

iPhone X is everything, that everyone was expecting it to be. After Samsungs S8’s infinity display, it was high time that Apple came with its own. It has reinforced glass finish at the back and chrome finish at the sides. Apple has shed its 128GB version this time and all the models will come either in 64GB or 256GB. iPhone X is indeed its new flagship replacing iPhone 8 and 8 plus. We will walk you through all the features iPhone X punches, and yes, as rumored the famous HOME button is gone for good in iPhone X.

iPhone X comes in Space Grey and Silver

Source: Apple


The first and the foremost thing that strikes about iPhone X is its new 5.8″ (diagonal) Super Retina HD display. It’s an all-screen OLED display which according to Apple is an enhancement over its previous OLED screen.

Source: Apple

The new Super Retina display has a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels at a pixel density of 458 ppi. It has more contrast, wide color support with a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 and more color accuracy over the previous generation of OLED screens. It supports 3D touch, true tone, HDR, Dolby Vision. Its splash, water and dust resistant as well. iPhone X has a height of 143.6 mm, width of 70.9 mm and depth of 7.7 mm. The phone weighs 174 grams which is less than iPhone 8 Plus’s weight of 201 grams.



Processor and GPU

Apple calls it the A11 Bionic chip (quite a robust name) and claims it to be the most powerful chip in a Smartphone ever. It is so called neural engine is capable of doing 600 billion operations per second. In short, 4 out of 6 cores is 70% faster and the rest 2 are 25% faster than its previous A10 Fusion chip.

Its new 3 core GPU is 30% faster than A10 Fusion and together CPU and GPU can run augmented reality games and apps with ease.

Source: Apple


Still Image

iPhones are always known for their superior and optimized camera quality. iPhone X brings the same 12-megapixel camera as in iPhone 7 but with wide angle and telephoto cameras in vertical alignment.

Source: Apple

Wide angle has an aperture size of f/1.8 and telephoto camera has an aperture size of f/2.4. The camera has dual optical image stabilization and supports both optical and 10x digital zoom. Apple claims that this is the best camera in iPhone yet (which they do every year) and has worked extensively to improve upon the portrait mode. It supports various studio lighting conditions to give you the perfect portrait with blurred background and dim lights for studio portraits.

Source: Apple

Video Recording

Video recording in iPhone X now 4K recording at 24 fps, 30 fps and 60 fps where iPhone 7 only supported 30 fps. A lot of still image features also applies to video such as optical image stabilization, body and face detection etc. Slow motion video at 1080p now supports 240 fps which is an improvement over 120 fps. There is also a TrueDepth camera of 7 megapixel for portrait shots, Animojis and Face ID. There are tons of other camera improvements which we reserve for another day.

Face ID

One of the most talked about and controversial feature of iPhone X is its Face ID feature. It allows you to unlock your phone by facial recognition technology. Though this feature has been available in a lot of Android phones, Apple claims that this works on the next level.  The TrueDepth camera detects 30,000 invisible dots to process the unlock and there is one in a million chance of any error.

Source: Apple

The feature works in dark environment and also adapts to your changing face with time which Apple calls Adaptive Recognition. Since there is no Home button, there is no touch to unlock feature anymore. So either you will be able to unlock with PIN, pattern or with Face ID. A lot of people has expressed security concern over this. What if you have a evil twin? Or you are asleep and someone gets hold of your phone? The internet is already flooded with memes around this. Anyways, time will tell how people adapt to Face ID, we believe in a day to day life it’s quite a convenient feature to have.


Now you will be able to send your own expressions mirrored with an emoji. This is powered by the new TrueDepth camera and initially, there will be 12 such emojis. According to Apple the camera analyses 50 different muscle movements to mirror your expression. This is a cute addition and we are sure to see weird face making people in public places.

Source: Apple

Wireless Charging

Apple is bringing wireless charging across all its devices i.e. iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and Apple Watch. The company has introduced an AirPower Mat which can be used to charge all devices at once.

Source: Apple

Revamped iOS 11

Apple said that it completely reworked its iOS for iPhone X and is much more efficient compared to its predecessor. The device is now completely controlled by gestures (we will be bringing a complete list of gestures of iPhone X soon).

Source: Apple


A new flagship and a new price from Apple. iPhone X is the most costly phone to roll out till date, in India the phone is going to burn a hole in your pocket. The 64GB model will cost Rs. 89,000 and 256GB model will cost a whopping Rs. 10,2000. In US market the phone is cheaper compared to India. 64GB version will cost $999 and 256GB will cost $1,149. If buying through a carrier such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon or T Mobile, the phone will cost $42/month. The price is certainly going to impact its sale in mid and low-range dominated smartphone market, in India.

iPhone X will be available in India from November 3, 2017.




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